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Tuesday, 27 November 2012


      hello ever on so maney qustion have been ask about imessage  but first we have to know what is all about .iMessage is an instant messenger service for iOS 5. this will help you send texts massge, photos, videos, locations, and contact information using and others useing Wi-Fi or 3G.and also you can use  iPhone or iPad some people may like to useWi-Fi + 3G it all depend on the network coverage around the enverroment where, you area
people have been asking if   using  i Message through a 3G connection; if they  are you consuming data from your data plan?
note: yes. how it work is to save users money helping them  turning their text messages into data usage. also you have to have this in mind you  many have’ data plans as a user include unlimited testing, but you will not be giving   unlimited data. in using imessagethe date consumed will not be much comped with when you are using photo and videos the deta consumes will be much depending the lent of the\ videos or photo you are sending you may not notice.

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