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Wednesday, 28 November 2012


I once receive a massage saying  i lost or forgotten my iPod Touch password, to get
it back you will need to pass take   some prosses first it will work only if you
flow the listed step below.

first we will have to know about the restore function .
This is part of the troubleshooting process for your iPod Touch.
not alway keep your password in a safe place  or you can chose
the one you can remember always so that you cannot forget it , it will always be in your mind.
and also if you have to use this restore function you will have to  delete all of the data from your device
and all settings will be returned to their factory conditions.

before doing this  first you will have to sync the device  before you start the restore
 process .also make sure you have the  latest version of iTunes

pls : before attempting any update make sure the update is up and running than after doing that
connect your iPod device on a pc computer iPod will appear on the scream of your pc now under the device  click select
the summary tab and then select restore option on your pc.
then after doing that you will see the prompt to back up select it before restore one the process is complete
your ipod will restart yu will now see the apple loge will appear on the screen of you iPod
don't forget you will need to restore the device from the previous back-up once it don you are Good to go

 once the restore is couplet you will lost all data stored on it you will now have to restore another password.

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