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Monday, 2 September 2013

latest new mtn free browsing cheat for phone and pc

This is a newly latest cracked mtn free browsing tricks.
Here are the necessary steps to fol

Here comes another great latest free browsing trick
onlinepowers.but this is for mtn all you have to do is to flow the
steps below .

first you will need to get a new mtn sim card  pls make
sure that is is been regesiter for it to work propertly
then you will need to recharge to any amount of your chioce
but it must be up to #20.

now you will have to migrate to another plan example
mtn pules by dialing *406#

after that you will need to do some work on your phone by back
dating your mobile phone date, mount to any month in 2003
now dial *406*1# migrate to mtn ipulse enhance package
make sure you Note the expiry time of the subscription
now after doing that you will need to Browse about
2MB of the allocated 5MB data & remove the sim now
Put the sim on ur phone 15 mines to the expiry time &
start browsing with it.
Continue the browsing after the expiry period till the next 2 hours.
Disconnect your connection & switch off your phone
then ON it again as fast as possible,
Once it start browsing again,then your sim  now works free.
You can connect to your PC or laptop as well

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  1. thanks for sharing the cheat @james

    nice cheat here mehn

    i've also made a new post on my blog at and i will be very happy if you could come by and also drop a comment.
    Thank you.