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Saturday, 24 November 2012


There come another free browesing  tweak but here in this case you will  have to do some lettle adjustment

to enable this work and also it work only for opera ..... you only have to flow the step below use normal zain ip but change the apn and hp to then use opera 2.00 then type this in the server[]enjoy it works only on opera

then for etisalt networkyou can use this on your pc  this is for people using the network it also work as well but there are some step you will need to flow to make it work first you will need to recharge your account with at list 100 naira on your   etisalt sim.

after doing that on your phone Dial *499*2*2#, one it is don the  money wil be deducted and you will receive a message concerning a BB subscription for 30 minutes. Don't mind. them

the you will need to Remove the sim and insert it in your modem.

you will have to  Plug the modem to your pc, Allow the Modem software to load. When loaded, Go to Tool and select Options, then click on Profile Management.

 now you have to  configure your modem profile settings On the Profile Name, write etisalat BB, and tick static and in the APN box type and in the access number type *99# then  click on save and OK.

another step you have to take is to confugur your browser settings now Go to your Mozilla or Google Chrome Browser and Locate Tools, Click Options.

flow this step . Click on Advanced > Network > Settings > Manual Proxy Configuration, Use this In the HTTP Proxy: and in the Port:8080

Now you are free to go enjoy the best free browsing in your door step. 

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