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Wednesday, 24 October 2012


THE  are step to counsider befor it can work and i have really try it
and it workk very well for me ... first flow the step listed below
1. Load N100 naira on your etisalt sim.
2. Dial *499*2*2#, the money wil be deducted and you will receive
a message concerning a BB subscrition for 30 minutes. Don't
3. Remove the sim and insert it in your modem.
4. Plug the modem to your pc, Allow the Modem software to
load. When loaded, Go to Tool and select Options, then click on
Profile Management.
5. On the Profile Name, write etisalat BB, and tick static and in the
APN box type and in the access number type
*99# and click on save and ok.
6. Go to your Mozilla or Google Chrome Browser and Locate
Tools, Click Options.
7. Click on Advanced > Network > Settings > Manual Proxy
Configuration, Use this In the HTTP Proxy: and in the
Port:8080. Then thick on use this proxy for all protocols.
now you are good to go. start surffing the web until mama calls.
don't fail to give out this code to others. test and give me your

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