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Sunday, 21 October 2012

Dell Streak Unlock Software

How to Unlocking and enables you to cut all ties to your initial mobile network provider
without replacing your mobile phone.
 you will have to  purchase a Dell phone,this is  a network carrier includes a SIM card,
containing a serial number that identifies you to the network provider.
Most networks "lock" your Dell so it works only with their specific SIM card.
The only reason to lock the SIM is to ensure you use their service for an
extended period of time. If you attempt to use an alternative SIM card in a
locked phone, you will receive error messages, such as "Wrong SIM Card."
Unlocking enables you to use any SIM card on any compatible network in your
Before You Start
You will need a USB cable to connect the phone to the computer.
You can use the software with any SIM or no SIM inserted.

Check that your device is GSM. Our program only works on GSM devices. GSM
devices will have a SIM card slot in the battery case (see the top right in the
below diagram

you will have to flow this step below

1.Double click the file dellstreakunlock.exe to install it. If you don’t have the
unlock software yet, download it here

2.You will be asked to install drivers for your device. Click Continue and OK

3.The driver installation will then install the drivers. then Click “Next” to continue
at each step. If you are prompted to install unsigned drivers, please allow it.

4.If you  like to unlock your phone now, leave the checkbox checked and
click “Finish

5.The unlocker program will launch and display the following screen

If you have purchased a registration code from our website, you may enter it
in the box at the top of the screen. If you have not purchased a registration
code, click the Purchase Dell Streak Unlock button or follow this link

Click the “Unlock Phone” button to continue.
When the program asks you to, hold the camera button on the top of the
phone and click the continue button.
Hold the camera button until the white screen appears.
Touch the “FastBoot” box in the corner of the white screen

6.The program will run to completion by reading the original unlock code from
the phone and by entering it automatically for you.
Finished! Your phone is now unlocked for use on any compatible carrier. It
will never re-lock even if you update or wipe the phone. Enjoy mobile

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