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Saturday, 3 August 2013

How you can get 3GB free on your mtn sim.

For the. Past mount people have been finding it very hard to get at list a good date and which can at list last for download. And I have been working on this for days now. But fact is noting last for ever things can change at any given time. And. Once the network provider In any way discover that. This it may be block by them and we will always fine away to creat another one.

Now let go back to our topic. To make this work you will have to flow this simple steps blow

1. You will need to Just send 100H to 131 and you are good to go
. Now after doing that you will need to Wait till you receive a response

In case it doesn't work the first time you will have to agine tried it, please calm down and send it like 5 times again.

After you have going a respond and you want To check your MB data balance;
All you have to do is tosend 2 in an SMS to 131 This tweak is tested working even with #0.00 as at the time of posting. Please use this tweak while it lasts meanwhile, note that the service is not intended and initiated by the service provider. Kind have in mind that they will block and stop it whenever they know of it. Don't thank me....

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