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Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Lean how you can I Get 4Gb on Airtel Unlimited Plan

Since mtn have finally block the blackberry internet from working on pc and mobile phone. Here comes another altnative. But this may be easy for those who have been using the browing system befor. And if. I you can remenber I some time ago posted how you can browe using airtel. Blackberry bis on pc

. But here in this case. You can get upto 4GB on. Airtel unlimited. Plan. All you have to do is to flow the steps below.

1. Load your phone with #1,500
2. Dial 440*161# for 4Gb if it is 2Gb you want, dial *440*16#
3. Immediately you will receive a message telling you that the airtel unlimited plan is active that you should remove your battery and put it in again for it to be active. In most cases, It won’t just browse except you top it up with 10mb by dialing *440*712*11#
4. You will need to Configure your pc of mobile phone. Change. Your apn to
or Password and username: internet
Now you are good to go.

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