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Saturday, 20 July 2013

Unlimited browsing for pc and phone using mtn bis

Mtn bis work in phone. First to say for long now. People have really find it really have to browse with there mtn bis on other mobile phone and also laptop but today I stand to Tell you that it is really easy. And also possible To use your mtn bis. One your system. Laptop and even on your nokia mobile phone devices and it work perfect fine and also the crazy. And sweet part of it all that . is unlimited download just as the way it work in our blackberry mobile devices All you have to do is to make a little configuration on you mobile phone or laptop First if you are using this in your system. You need a modem. Now you will need to make a little configuration on it. Just flow the step you just see below. located the data settings and find Access point (APN) now change the APN from the default to just After you are true with that. save and exit Note must first subscribe to a mtn bis date plan be for this can work. For other mobile devices still make the correction on you devices. If it don't work. mail me using the contact us  Pls feell free to use our commet box below or you can joine our face book fun pag to get more update. .

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