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Tuesday, 23 July 2013

The Way Forward after MTN BlackBerry BIS Stopped Working On PC and Android

I have being work on there ever I receive some commeant and even call from my blog reads say if the mtn bis. That does it still work on pc and android phone. The fact is know it have stop working on pc after the recent upgrade don by mtn some this mount.

I made some investigations and realized that some people where still able to browse on their PC, and some were not able to browse on both Computer and Android. Well, the bottom line as at today is that, MTN BIS has totally been discontinued from both android and PC users, only bb phones can now browse with the BIS subscription.

Now another question is there way forward Yes of course there is. First must of us may. Know this that airtel blackberry do work both on pc and mobile phone. Which cost 1400 one you have subscribe you will be given 1G now you Can use this on pc and also in your mobile phone

If you have got any question, comment or contribution with regards to using MTN Blackberry BIS on PC and android, please use the comment form and I’d be more than happy to reply you


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  3. i use a rooted htc vivid (ph39100) the tun.ko doesnt have a tun module for my phone, i have installed tne droid vpn, but when it connects, my phone doesnt open web pages, but it reads data in the droidvpn ... my settinng is only no user name and passwword.

    please any help?