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Thursday, 6 June 2013

how you can format your blackberry your self

How can I reformat my black berry my self To make it easy, it is better to make it as factory setting or format it completely but It all depand on you and also how you want it. All you have to do is to flow the steps below 1.Restarting the BlackBerry You need to leave the phone turned on for this make sure that your battery is properly charge. And also. This reset method. This technique requires you to use keys on the phone rather than remove the battery. 2.Now Hold down the "Alt" key after you are don with that now press and hold the right "Shift" key . Pls NOTE : You need to make sure that press both buttons at the same time. Press the "Backspace/ Delete" key while continuing to press down the "Alt" and right "Shift" keys . 3. Now you will have to Wait for the BlackBerry® to reset . Once you are don with that. Now you will see the screen turn off. It may take a few minutes or more for the smartphone to return to its normal settings. Properly 4. Now you will have to Release the keys when the display on the BlackBerry® screen turns off . Now by now your blackberry should ok and up and running . If the post is useful don't forget to use our comment box below or you can join our facebook funs to get and be updated.

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