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Thursday, 6 June 2013

how and easy way to connect your blackberry wifi to ipad

It have come to my notice that so many people around the world to day Have being working. And also trying to know how they can use there blackberry data plan on there ipad. Well it may not be all that easy to do this but only if you can flow the instruction which I am about to explain . First it will requires you to download a cydia app called iBluever and. Also a BlackBerry application called PDANet. Once you are don with that you will need to do some few setting adjustments you technically should be up and running And also it should have being connected by then. your WiFi enabled iPad. That said, you NOTE: something is interacting with your carrier data, you could incur extra charges. Some time it may not really work it all depend on your configuration setting and also how it being connected and that will be on your own rick but really it work very well. If the post is use full don't forget to use our. Comment box below or you can join our face book fans.

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