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Thursday, 8 November 2012


    In doing this there are not much things or work to do you only have to flow the step below and also
it do work first Each computer manufacturer has a special key you have to hit especially when your computer is on Example :  HP and Compaq desktops/towers use F10,  E Machines and Gateway PC use F11,  Toshiba laptop F12, Sony PC F10 .   IBM and Lenovo F11
if you are using windows xp  yoy will have to use this key  F10 then click on it until a screen pops upand display "DO YOU WANT TO DO A SYSTEM RESTORE" Once it system restore the  window you will need to  opens,next you will need to  stop tapping and just follow the will then Gide you on the remaining way and how to go about it . and don't forget  Some of the older computers may ask  for the restore discs so make sure the discs is  ready.some  computers especially the modem computer do not need or request for restore discs.
 Note : this may take 2-3 house to complete so you will need to wait till is completely restore

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