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Thursday, 8 November 2012


  Here come another free browsing  cheat it only requires a registered MTN SIM.befor you get this free 3GB you'll have to use it epecally tested on a newly registered SIM.

or just fine someone who has an MTN SIM. Register it and then this will help it to prosese and
note: it will be reducted now after load a hundred Naire recharge card on it. do this  immediately; dial *123*1#. just wait After about 5 minutes, dial *123#. whatever
 responce you recieve, just ignore  The commands are been  sent to MTN data service system and which of course,thay  would respod After doing all that switch off your phone for 24hrs.that mean it will stay for just one day

after that perod of time  switch on your phone again you will notice that your N100 has been reducted from your account and you'll be given 3GB of data in its place. Then; FREE browsing began! AND ALSO NOTE: Kind have in mind that they will block and stop the FREE browsing whenever they know of it.

To check your MB data balance; send 2 in an SMS to 131. now enjoy as much as you want  and if this work for you doint forget to use our commeting box below or join our face book fans to get more detil

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