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Monday, 1 April 2013


We  have being  trying to get a free way of you our mtn bis  on our mobile phone
this is for must people who use must of the time blackberry internet subscription
here comes a good news you can now use it on our mobile phone
only what you have today is to flow the steps below to configure your
mobile phone .
 first you will need to get a new mtn line and then subscribe for blackberry
internet subscription on the new line   you can do that by sending
MTN BIS by sending BBC to 21600 (cost #1,500 per Month) if you wish to
do weekly plan text BBC WEEK to 21600 (cost #500 per Week)

now you will need to configure your mobile phone
flow this steps
1.You need to create a new connection profile
now use this
Access Point:
Username: web
Password: web

now you are good to GO

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