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Thursday, 24 January 2013

How a protected iphone can be unlocked

 First we all know more about pass code and how herd the feature is for users.   Now if may ask what may happon when you forget your passcode. Now I have good idea how you can unlock your passcode.
Note : your passcode. Can be restor.  But the fact is that you will lost all your data. And so of them may be important to. On the phone

Place you have to note this great information. Is not intended to be used for unauthorized access of lost or stolen device.

Pls you have to flow the steps below
1. You will have to install iTunes.  Net framework. And also install jave program this can only work on iphone4s,iphone2, iphone3 etc

2. You will need to also download gecko tols kit.  After it have been. Download you will need to unzip the application. And the open it .

3. Now in your pc computer plug your iphone mobile phone and then click bypass iphone disabled screen tab along the top of the application. And then you will have to select the type of your phone. And then click bypass , OK

4. You will need to put the device into DFU mode once it done the computer will the go through a bunch of processes once it is don with that. It will come up with so green text. Display success. Now click the close button on the window.  Once you click that the computer will agine go through another processes.  Note if it ask if you want to store the key in cach type.  N. And press enter. On your pc

5. Once all steps is successfully. You now have your iPhone unlocked and. Your device will restart now you are good to go .

If this information is useful to you don't forget to use the comment box below .

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