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Wednesday, 12 December 2012


Here is what people have been waiting for do you know that you can brows unlimited free browsing using airtel line so if you rally have an airtel line it is time is going to be usefull to you
and to make the work you will have to flow the steps below.

not it cant also work using your have noting to be scard about i have been using this for long now
with my laptop and also my mobile smath phone

first you will need to load  your airtel with the sum of 1400 then subscribe
 for one mount internet  plan  then after you are true with that after you have recive
a massage after you have goten the massage you will need to
 configure the device you are using  example
 Galaxy Tab, Your Nokia Smart phone, laptop or desktop;

For manual configuration using AIRTEL Manual Settings:
 Name: Airtel NG
 Access point name:
 Username: wap
 Password: wap

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1 comment:

  1. How do does work exactly?
    Once the subcription finishes, the internet access keeps working?

    Are they any conditions.