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Tuesday, 4 December 2012


There comes another great information do you know you can use your landline telephone as an internet data usage first here are some thing you must know Landlines areb one of a good way to  have Internet access  and also Dial-up Internet service providers use the same lines as well that is why thay can communicat faster like where you are accessing the internet now  you use to talk on the phone to transmit data. While everyone has this sort of access, landline-based Internet ties up a phone line while you are connected, one you are connected you also need another line so that you will use it to access the internet in your pc.

Data Transmission Options line and connection

NOTE: you will need to Subscribers can purchase cable Internet, you will also need to now you can use this cable on your pc and also you can use it on your television for a nice and great network it all depend on the
type of network band you are using.

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