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Saturday, 13 October 2012


It is here again, we no go gree for MTN dem too dey chop our money. Today I introduce to you the latest mtn free pc browsing. This is officially the newest one and it blazes more than you can ever imagine. if you dont have an mtn modem a blackberry phone, Nokia Phone or any compatible device

1. Download Tether onto your Windows computer through this link:-
2. Once the download is complete, go through the installation process.
3. Now, you need to install Tether onto your BlackBerry phone too. Just open the browser on your BlackBerry and go to :-
4. Run Tether simultaneously on your computer and on your BlackBerry.
5. You will be prompted to select either USB or Bluetooth. This post will only explain how to use USB, so please select USB on the sm
artphone and computer.
6. Next connect your BlackBerry to your
computer with the USB cable that came with
your BlackBerry or Bluetooth.
You should
now see data/packets flowing on Tether.
That means you're
If you are seeing an error for "No Available
Port" , this means you need to set the correct
APN and make sure all
permissions have been
granted to Tether on your BlackBerry device.
The following steps will teach you how to Grant APN PERMISSIONS ON

A few carriers require APN settings to allow
data applications to work properly.
Follow the following Steps to do so:-
Goto Menu > Options >
Advance Options > TCP/IP ,
then fill in the Info into your Settings as seen below!
+ Tick APN settings
enabled� and input this inthe
+ Tick �APN
+ Username for APN: web
+ Password for APN: web
+ Then press Menu key >
Save. | Now You can Enjoy

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