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Tuesday, 16 October 2012

How to subscribe to DSTV Mobile

now you can enjoy your dstve using your mobil phone and here is the subscribtion plan and the steps DSTV is available on a lot of platforms including mobile devices such as the Nokia 5330 and others that are dvb-h compatible, and also there are other phones just click here .
here are this you must do to make it work and also  before subscribing.
A DVB-H capable mobile phone
- GPRS Setttings. Phone should be able to browse
- A supported sim card
then after that you can now subscribe to DSTV mobile
- Open the Mobile tv icon
- Allow it to scan for channels
- Choose options > Subscribe when asked
- Wait for the Subsciption keys will be sent to you
- Rescan for channels and your mobile tv will be live
you can now carry your dstv channels everywhere you go with your phone.

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