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Wednesday, 19 September 2012


I have been Rocking this for almost a Month but was not Chanced to Write about it
If you cannot get into your Yahoo email account because you have forgotten your password, you’ll be able to request a new one.

When you log on to you’ll enter your email into the following format:
You’ll then enter your password. If you’ve forgotten your password, you’ll be able to click on a link that says "I can’t access my account.” From there, you will be given the choice of selecting whether you need your password, user ID or if your password isn’t working.

Yahoo will walk you through several steps so that you can get your password reset. You’ll then need to remember your password or place it in some place unique for safe keeping. Yahoo ensures that the password is yours through security questions, so you never have to worry about your account being compromised
Now I want to assume that you are using an opera-mini browser as this is the most commonly used mobile browser but if you are using a different browser, don’t worry same process works for all. The solution to this is very simple and it does not require any rigorous process or hacking and coding. Simply go to
the address bar of your mobile browser and type in “” or copy it and paste. It will open the desktop (computer) version of yahoo mail login page.
Type in your login details and click on Sign in. After successfully logged in to your yahoo mail account and visiting your inbox page, just type in your browser the normal or or and you will be redirected to your yahoo email inbox page; from there you can access your inbox mails, spam mails, trash, folders etc. This is your world of solutions

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