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Monday, 17 September 2012

how to use two sim in one phone

most popular reason people want a dual
SIM phone is to use one SIM for work and one
for personal use. Over 36 per cent of you voted
that you’d use the phone for this purpose. With
the Nokia C2, in particular, it’s easy to switch
between SIMs. as they’ll both work
simultaneously. Take a call from a nagging
partner and appease your boss at exactly the
same time. It’s multitasking made easy.
A close second comes in the shape of using
both SIMs on different networks and contracts.
A number of you commented on this when we
announced the C2 and in the topic section on
the site. Is it due to operators offering different
tariffs for various points in the day? Or to
make calls to contacts on the same network?

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