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Thursday, 27 September 2012

how to Unlock Your Car Door with a Cellphone

Someone locks his car keys and remote car opener inside hisvehicle, and can’t get back in. He does have a second remote car opener at home, so he calls up his home, where his wife/roommate/ whatever answers. He asks the housemate to hold the second remote up to the phone and activate it – and it unlocks the door. You can also try this other way Ifsomeonehasaccess tothespareremotehave themtelephoneyouon yourcellphone. Holdyour(oranyone's) cellphoneaboutafoot fromyourcardoorand havetheotherperson presstheunlockbutton, holditnearthephone. Yourcarwillunlock.I trieditanditworks. Savessomeonefrom havingtodriveyour keystoyou.

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