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Wednesday, 26 September 2012

how to unlock VERIZON BlackBerry Storm

Pls flow the step below 1. Ensure the SIM Card is inserted 2. Go to ‘Manage Connections’ 3. Click on ‘Turn All Connections Off’ 4. Go to ‘Options’ 5. Click on ‘Advanced Options’ 6. Click on ‘SIM Card’ 7. Type ‘MEPD’ (letters will not appear on- screen but a menu will pop up) 8. Type ‘MEP2′ (user will be prompted to enter MEP code) 9. Enter the unlock code (for example ’1234567890123456′) 10. Reboot device 11. Go to ‘Manage Connections’ 12. Click on ‘Restore Connections’ 13. Device is now unlocked

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