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Friday, 28 September 2012

How to Edit BlackBerry Data on a PC

more consumer friendly by increasing storage and adding a microSD card to expand the total device memory. With a big enough memory card, you can use your BlackBerry as a replacement for your iPod, flash drive, or portable hard drive.

Connect your BlackBerry to your computer using the mini-USB cable included with the device or insert your BlackBerry's SD card into the card reader slot on your PC

Turn on the PC and click on the "Start" icon. Click "Computer" and the BlackBerry's storage drive will be displayed in the "Devices with Removable Storage" menu

 Double-click on the BlackBerry's storage device to view the files stored there. Navigate to the folder that you want; for example, "Contacts" or "Notes

 Double-click on the file you want to edit. The file will open. You can edit, delete or make other changes to the file as needed. Save the edited file in its original location on your BlackBerry's storage driveDisconnect the BlackBerry from your PC.

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